Best Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

While I was on the hunt for the perfect portable speaker, I came across several masterpieces like JBL Xtreme, Croma Classic BL5605, Marshal Kilburn, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4, Bose SoundTouch 20 and HK Aura Studio 2. But I wanted the speakers that can run both on AC power as well as have some battery reserve... Continue Reading →

Why is iPhone X so expensive?

While exploring the mischievous world of internet, here and there everyone has come across several memes mocking the expensive iPhones for their soaring prices every year they launch a new model. Have you ever thought there might be an actual reason for it's weed-smokin-high prices? Who would have thought that the Smartphone once launched in... Continue Reading →

Kindle Paperwhite

The experience of reading an actual book cannot be substituted by anything else. I still remember how eagerly I would await the library period every week in school. Roaming around in the library, picking old books which held a million stories, reading and re-reading before we had to return them. I love the smell, feel... Continue Reading →

WD My Passport External 1TB Hard Disk

Western Digital (WD) have been making hard disks since 1970 and have launched eight models of My Passport drives till date: My Passport (for MAC and Windows), My Passport Pro, My Passport SSD, My Passport Ultra, My Passport Ultra Metal Edition, My Passport X, My Passport Wireless and My Passport Wireless pro. You can visit their... Continue Reading →

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