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Game Night – Movie Review

I like Rachel McAdams, she can pull off intense movies like Spotlight and Notebook and at the same time give such a  refreshing performance in an all-out comedy flick. And Jason Bateman with his straight faced humour in “Arrested Development” has always been one of my favorites when it comes to comedy movies.


Game Night is an amalgamation of their talents and their timing. A couple, Max and Annie love playing games and are fiercely competitive. A weekly ritualistic game night with their best friends is their rewind every week. From Jenga to charades to karaoke, these guys love their games.

It is when Max’s elder brother, the very masculine and successful Brooks crashes their Game Night, do things turn topsy-turvy. Max decides to take things up a notch and stages a game night to remember. But very soon things get way out of hand and there are bullets flying, people dying, confusion, and basically not knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Max has a not-so-subtle lack of self-worth which is mostly triggered due to his complicated relationship with his elder brother who everyone always gushes over. And when his one area of expertise is hijacked by his elder brother, there are a lot of emotions flying around.

Why should you watch this movie? Mostly if you need a break from all the serious TV Shows you have been watching or you just need a light watch that doesn’t make you use your brain cells. Don’t go in thinking it’s some big mystery. It’s just a group of fun people stuck in a situation that can sometimes get predictable.

I wouldn’t say this is some cult, classic movie. It’s just a “I-need-a-break-from-work-and-what-craziness-” movie. Acting is clean, not much to comment about. But, yes my favorite character is Gary, the creepy cop neighbour always holding his dog who wants to be included in their Game Night but is never invited. Jesse Plemons is spot on with this poker face and crazy eyes. A mixed array of friends make the night mostly interesting. A couple who have been together since high school find themselves in a fix when they come to know one of them has slept with a celebrity. The good looking friend who has a knack for always bringing dumb-witted girls to these nights, mistakenly brings along an intelligent one who is a delight for the group.


So, don’t think much. Enjoy the Game Night!



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