Reviewing a perfume is as difficult as expressing a speaker’s sound quality, you just don’t have enough dimensions to convey your feelings. Let me give it a try!


Bleu de Chanel is a classy and contemporary fragrance from Chanel which was launched in 2010. I have a 50ml (1.7 FL.OZ) EDT bottle, it is also available in 100ml and 150ml if you are ready to spare some extra bucks. Now, combine a fresh aqua fragrance with citrus and a pinch of smokiness, get something special for your olfactory senses. The smell is so captivating that you will instantly fall in love with it. It is one of those fragrances for which you will never have second thoughts while buying it.


Few sprays will get the job done! The smell stays for a reasonable amount of time and will keep you and everyone around you happy. It has been one of my all time favourites and is very special to my heart. The packaging is good, not D&G good but definitely better than Mont Blanc perfumes. The bottle has a luxurious built with a heavy cap to make you realize it’s worth everytime you hold it. The black cap has the iconic Chanel logo printed in white at the top.


I do not have words left to praise this masculine beauty. If you want to pamper yourself, go get this smell in your life and relax. If you wish to know a little more about different types of perfumes, read our Mont Blanc Legend Review.



Definitely logically approved. Till next time!!!