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Best Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

While I was on the hunt for the perfect portable speaker, I came across several masterpieces like JBL Xtreme, Croma Classic BL5605, Marshal Kilburn, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4, Bose SoundTouch 20 and HK Aura Studio 2. But I wanted the speakers that can run both on AC power as well as have some battery reserve in case I wanted the party to go on even in a power outage. After exploring all these options, I got my hands (and ears!) on Harman Kardon Go+ play mini portable wireless bluetooth AC/Battery powered speakers and I played my four test songs to get the hold on the sound quality.

  1. Hotel California by Eagles – To explore the frequency range (the lows and highs) and the clarity with which the speaker delivers it.
  2. David Guetta – Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey – To test the bass and throw of the sound.
  3. Let her go by Passenger – To analyze the vocal/dialogue clarity.
  4. Beat it by Michael Jackson – To feel the overall delivery by the sound device, the balance in everything.


When I play these songs, I more or less get the idea of the speaker quality (you can try it too!). Harman Kardon (HK) Go+ play mini surpassed all the tests and emerged as the best amongst all, given the quality, price tag, weight and design.


Let me start with the technical specifications for all the nerds and geeks out there:

  • It can connect up to 3 smart devices at the same time and take turns playing music.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 6 to 8 hours of playtime (varies by volume level and audio content). At full volume (like pump-up-the-volume full), it lasts for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Inbuilt Harman noise and echo cancelling technology, in case you decide to take a call through it.
  • RMS Power: 100 Watts
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB A-weighted
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Battery Sharing: You can charge your phone and other gadgets through a USB cable. USB charge out 5V/2.1A (5V/0.5A when playing music)
  • Battery: 22.2Wh rechargeable battery
  • Power: Both DC Battery and AC power (converted to DC as usual by the adaptor in between the connector and the plug)
  • 2x speakers (90mm), 1 woofer, 2x tweeters (20mm)
  • Platform compatibility: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows
  • Hardware compatibility: Laptop, Mobile
  • Connectivity options: AUX, Bluetooth (although it has a USB port but that is entirely for battery sharing and does not support USB play)

The Design

The speakers look gorgeous physically, just plain gorgeous! Crafted from premium material, Harman Kardon uses top quality ingredients – steel, soft yet sturdy plastic and a cushiony mesh surrounding the entire speaker – with harman/kardon badging at the front. The speakers have five buttons on top – bluetooth, volume up, power, volume down and play/pause. That’s it! It is an elegant piece of design. Definitely better than it’s old big brother, HK Go+ plus (still available on Amazon and Flipkart).

DSC_0055 - Copy

The Sound Quality

The sound quality is amazing, it is so amazing that I just don’t get tired of listening to it. The thump, bass and throw is extraordinary. I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi with speakers not kept so far away from me and my oh my, I could ‘feel’ the spaceships while it warps through space and time, each missile fire was heard and felt (just like Supreme Leader Snoke did). It was like Dolby Atmos surround sound all over (not exaggerating!). It produces a very balanced sound, not too loud, not with high/low treble, not too much bass, just the perfect blend of all!


The Connectivity

HK Go+ play mini can connect via AUX cable or Bluetooth. The AUX port is at the back of the speaker and is capped by a rubber lid. Connecting the speaker via Bluetooth is really easy and the connecting time is quick, everytime you switch on the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth range is good and even if you go Unfortunately you can’t play music through a USB drive. You also do not get any remote control (to think there’s not much to control). But you can download the Harman Kardon Remote from Google’s Playstore and Apple’s Appstore and control the volume through it.


The Practicality

It weighs for around 3 Kilograms and the steel handle at the top definitely helps the user by providing a easy grip. Since the battery backup is amazing, charging it once and carrying it around to other spots is pretty practical. You have also got five glowing dots at the top of the speaker that represents the battery’s strength. If you want to run it on AC power, the charger comes with an obnoxious-rectangular-box just like the ones we have in laptop chargers which obviously has a practical reason for being there. It converts and the AC power to DC and also steps down the voltage to the device’s acceptable level. Thus, with great power comes great responsibility (of us carrying it around in case we need to run it through AC source). To conclude, it is not as portable as JBL Flip series yet roaming it around the entire house won’t be a problem. And yes, you cannot take it outside, it is definitely not that portable.

I have been using JBL Flip 2 speakers before I bought HK Go+ play mini and I am extremely satisfied with the product. It is 100% value for money investment. You listen to Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb or Sum41’s Still Waiting, every song sounds just amazing when it comes out of Harman Kardon’s Go+ play mini. Logically Approved, without doubt thinks that these speakers are the best portable wireless speakers currently available in the market and would highly recommend to someone looking out for a portable sound blaster. These speakers has a price tag of Rupees 20,000 attached to it but fortunately I got it for Rupees 18,000 from Bass Punkt Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon). The owners of this shop are really generous and amicable people and they deal majorly with Yamaha, Bose, Polk Audio, Sennheiser, Onkyo and Genelec brands of audio products. Do visit the store if you want to experience some really cool stuff!


Do let us know what wireless speakers are you using in the comments section below. Till Next Time!!









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