You don’t need to watch The Big Bang Theory to enjoy Young Sheldon. But it doesn’t hurt to have seen the long time running show about four exceptionally intelligent scientists leading their anti-social life in their own quirky way. And one of the most popular, eccentric and sometimes irritating character is theoretical physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper. In The Big Bang Theory we learn that Sheldon was a child prodigy who got his PhD at the age of sixteen. A man who doesn’t shy from using his intellect and boasting about it, Sheldon is indeed an oddball.


Producers of The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro decided to create a prequel to the show solely focused on Sheldon on the suggestion of Jim Parsons. The little genius is a delight to watch. Iain Armitage has essayed the role to such perfection that I didn’t realise he was the little boy Ziggy in Big Little Lies. Young Sheldon mirrors his older self but without being annoyingly condescending. His air of superiority is not a put off but an adorable addition to his many bizarre attributes.

The Cooper Family

But the show is not just about the nine year old whiz kid who starts attending high school with his older and not-so-bright brother Georgie. It is also about his family and how they try to keep each other sane while handling the whims and needs of Sheldon. Mary Cooper played by Zoe Perry is the over-protective, over-religious mother who wants to keep all her children happy and does everything possible to do so. Lance Barber as Sheldon’s father is the right amount Texan who loves his beer, his TV and his family. And saving the best for the last are my two favorite characters, Missy (Sheldon’s twin sister) and Meemaw (Sheldon’s grandmother). Missy Cooper is the girl I wish I was! She is cheeky, street smart, and a total bad ass brat. She brings so much life into the scene with her antics, that I am in love with her. And next is Meemaw. The unconventional grandmother who is probably the inspiration behind Missy. Meemaw is hep, goes bowling with her friends, smokes (and gets reprimanded by her grandson for doing so), and is also a total prankster. Possibly Sheldon’s favorite human being in the world, Meemaw is his rock and his mirror sometimes.

Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage

So, catch the ongoing first season of Young Sheldon on Amazon Prime and you won’t realise when 17 episodes will fly by.