“Star Signs” is like a guide to humans of all sun signs, steering them through their tough times, crisis and decision making. Not exaggerating any fact, but the points given in the book are interestingly accurate, they make you believe that Linda Goodman has studied you and jotted down your traits, giving you good and wise advice throughout the book.


It has high degree of philosophy, telling us about karma, numerology and most importantly, the influence of our stars on us. It inspires us and asks us to find the hidden messages in words, signs, symbols and the small activities happening around us. Deja-vu is explained with such exciting detail that you can’t resist reading it again and again. It deals with holistic healing methods, unravelling your hidden powers and how music et al can affect us. It is analogous to the Hindu mythology in which the chants have scientifically been proven to have healing effects on the human body, mind and soul.


The book gives us an insight into not just ourselves, but others associated with us. It gives a great deal of information of peoples’ reactions to various situations, their attitudes and how this affects their decision making. It helps us prepare for situations while dealing with people, apart from giving the pleasure of knowing more about oneself and the other interesting people around us.


The book is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Review Written By: Aishwarya Kaul

A typical engineer, worked in a data analytics company for a year and currently work for a consulting firm, hence she pays very little attention to her passions. But one odd day realization struck her and she started chasing her favorite things to do a year ago-designing, music and writing!

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