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Red Bone, Atlanta and Childish Gambino

My current obsession is centered around Donald Glover. Who Donald Glover?? Okay let me walk you through this and retrace my steps.


I watched a movie, Get Out (fyi, one of the finest movies of 2017) and the song in the opening scene just got stuck in my head. I googled and came to know its called “Red Bone” by some band/person “Childish Gambino”. Honestly, I didn’t care to research about the artist/band and played and played the song on Saavn every day till I went crazy listening to it. Period.

Then, talking to my sister the other day, she suggested watching a show called Atlanta. A comedy show about young new rappers living in Atlanta and trying to make money and a career out of their music. I had just finished Peaky Blinders and this seemed just the right genre to take my mind of murders and thrillers. And then she mentions that the protagonist of the show is the man who sang Red Bone!!!! So basically, Childish Gambino is also an actor, pretty damn cool, I thought.


But, even more cool was when I saw who he is, and wohoo!! he is the guy from Martian who solves the problem of finally bringing back Mark Watney back to Earth. Yeah, the dude who is clumsy and sleepy and funky and awesome.

Rich Purnell in Martian

So, Donald Glover is a brilliant actor in Atlanta and Martian. He has won the Emmy and the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Altanta! He is also a director on the show and has won an Emmy for the same.  His music is EPIC! You have to, have to listen to his songs and his live performance on Jimmy Fallon was wow! What is it that this man can’t do, right?! Sorry, too many exclamations in this post.


Well, now that the fan moment has passed, I can tell you a little about Atlanta as well. It is a such a refreshing show. The comedy is sometimes subtle, sometimes really in your face, but never disappointing. I love how they have sketched each character giving it it’s own space. You should watch it for a very entertaining portrayal of a broke man trying to impress his girlfriend and contribute in any way in his daughter’s upbringing. And how in this journey, things never really fall in place, but the humour just does!

To cut a long story short, Donald Glover and all his endeavors are definitely logically approved, what do you think?



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