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Stranger Things – TV Show

I’m sure you have either heard about Stranger Things from your friends, or seen it all over Netflix when it came back with Season 2, or maybe even spotted various online stores selling it’s merchandise. But if you haven’t, that’s even better! I would love to introduce you to the world of this sci-fi horror show set in the 80’s with extremely talented kids in the driver’s seat.


A rather uneventful fictional town called Hawkins, in the state of Indiana, is our place of action. Four nerdy boys, happy in their world of “Dungeons and Dragons” stumble upon a mystery and monster that changes their lives forever. I will go into the detailed character sketch of the boys a little later. I will first attempt to give you the story in brief and without major spoilers.

Just on the outskirts of the town is the Hawkins National Laboratory, a place that is off-limits to the residents and covertly carrying out illegal experiments on humans with supernatural abilities. In their quest to explore this arena of paranormal, the “scientists” end up creating a world that is beyond our imagination and understanding (I won’t describe the details here and let you discover the Upside Down).

(L-R) Justin, Will, Eleven, Mike and Dustin

And how does the story set in motion? It starts with the disappearance of Will Byers(one of the four boys) and the appearance of Eleven (a girl who escaped from the Hawkins National Laboratory and whose actions definitely speak louder than her words). In the search for Will Byers, his three friends leave no stone unturned and in the process uncover secrets nobody could imagine or believe.

Coming back to the protagonists of this brilliant narrative, Mike Wheeler is the most matured member who glues the group together and gives Eleven the home and love she needs. Lucas Sinclair is the muscle of the gang and the skeptical one, he isn’t sure what and why is happening, but his loyalty to his friends is unquestionable. Will Byers is the calm boy with the sweetest smile who is the apple of everyone’s eye. And my favorite is Toothless(Dustin Henderson)! Talkative, buoyant, funny, witty and super charming. If Mike is the brain, Lucas the muscle, Will the smile, then Dustin is the heart! You cannot not like the way he talks and his little quirks.


The adults in the show are just as captivating in their performance. Winona Ryder as Will’s mother is every mother who doesn’t know how to live after her son disappears. But this doesn’t deter her from her dedication to find her son. Jim Hopper played by David Harbour is the Chief of Hawkins Police Department who pulls up his socks and goes in too deep to solve the mystery. There are many other characters worth mentioning, but I wouldn’t be able to complete this post if I start on the various siblings and their own story lines. But each character and their respective actors have done a commendable job in keeping us interested.


Watch this show for the unexpected and refreshing storyline, intense acting of the cast, a sci-fi that doesn’t get boring(at least for me!) and for an edge of the seat experience. Don’t make me write more, just watch! And please share your views, I would love to know your thoughts.

You can catch Stranger Things on Netflix! 


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