All the automobile maniacs have that one source or inspiring role model who is Jehovah to them. Every word that comes out of that person hits their chords perfectly in tune! While there are some really cool and awesome YouTube channels like RegularCars, Kelley Blue Book, Car Throttle etc, there is one particular channel which I perceive as biblical and that is – Doug DeMuro. This YouTube channel was created by Doug DeMuro (obviously) in September 2013 and has 1.3 million subscribers currently.


Who is Doug DeMuro?

Doug DeMuro is a critically acclaimed writer, in the sense that several Internet commentors have told him that he “writes good.” Born in Denver, Colorado, DeMuro received an economics degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, a highly esteemed private university that recently un-followed him on Twitter (this is true). After graduation, he put his Economics degree to good use at Porsche’s North American corporate headquarters, where he quickly rose to become the youngest manager in the company’s history.

Why should you follow his channel?

Doug usually shoots medium duration videos from 12 to 20 mins long and trust me on this – he covers each and every relevant attribute related to the car he is reviewing!
From small interior quirks (as he calls it) to exterior design, he covers it all! The reason he can cover all the aspects within such limited time frame is because he speaks really really fast, like Flash (The Flash) fast! The delivery of his speech is so interesting (and witty!) and clear that you just cannot stop any review at its middle. You will watch it till the end! Don’t believe me? Go try yourself.

How is he different from other automotive YouTubers?

Unlike most YouTubers, his only focus is on quality of content that he delivers in his videos. He does not wear a fancy suit or a jacket, does not use Final Cut pro level software (yet is pretty professional), does not have a wannabe introduction to his channel, he is in his purest form pursuing his ambition for cars and presenting it to us in the form of these videos. He only reviews exotic cars, usually classics and gives a ‘Doug Score’ at the end to the cars he reviews. You will learn a lot from him. It will give you a perspective. Everytime you will see a car, you will analyze it in a Doug way. While he doesn’t dig deep into the technicalities and engineering, it is still informative and amusing.


There’s really no one else quite like Doug DeMuro. Beneath the all the off-color absurdist humour there’s some refreshingly bold commentary which looks at the cars attributes, as well as its place in history/culture.


Do mention in the comments section below the best automotive YouTube channel that you follow. Till next time!!!