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Black Panther – Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Yesterday I saw Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, a true story of a Harvard Professor – William Moulton Marston who not only invented the ‘Lie Detector’ but also created the most eminent female comic book character, Wonder Woman. After watching the movie, I realized these are not fictional characters in any way, it’s us! It’s the reflection of our society, our norms, our vices, our strengths, it represents us. During World War II, we got Captain America. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created this super human character to symbolize power and hope, to fight against the common vices that persisted during those eras and some even now – NazismAnarchism, Terrorism etc. I know you must be thinking, why has this review commenced with such a tragic note. That’s because Black Panther is not any ordinary Marvel movie, it is more than that! This is something that the America needs, we need and so does all other countries who do not respect all races. It is the need of the moment. It’s hard to alter the corrupt mind of an adult (specifically white ones!) but movies like these might configure the young souls to grow up with equality in their vision and thoughts, to treat every race equally!


The movie stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, son of T’Chaka (king of Wakanda). Michael B Jordan played the role of Killmonger and watching his ripped physique definitely cancelled my plan of having lunch at Burger King. The movie just has two major white characters – Martin Freeman (Sherlock’s sidekick) and Andy Serkis (Caesar from The Planet of the Apes). All other characters are black and that’s what makes this movie so unique. FridayComing to America, Django Unchained and other highly acclaimed black movies in cinema already exist that focused on African-Americans, and most have surpassed the test of time among all audiences.


Coming back to Black Panther, we have already seen the character in the Captain America Civil War and instantly fell in love with the ever charming Chadwick Boseman, who with all of Wakanda’s Vibranium metal reserves that he sits on, is wealthier than Scrooge McDuck, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, combined! Michael Jordan (Killmonger) played the dark side of this movie, but not Joker dark rather someone following his strong belief and vision driven by his childhood trauma. It is that unsuitable-side that some audiences might sympathise and agree with.


The first half of the movie is action packed with some really cool and awesome sound tracks giving us that chill which fits every situation and scene. The second half though is a bit slow and made me yawn twice or thrice. Honestly, the story line isn’t that great, it’s very basic, untwisted and simple with an individualistic approach given to the entire plot unlike other Marvel movies. You do get to see some cool gizmos and funny satires (and tribal dances) continuing Marvel’s legacy. Surprisingly, futuristic world of Wakanda has access to some really cool Sherwanis and Kurtas. I am not kidding! Maybe Virat Kohli went to Wakanda on his honeymoon (intelligent Indians will get the pun here!).


The best part of the movie is that they are not trying to impose anything ideas or beliefs onto us rather it’s a movie from their view-point. It reflects their internal conflicts, the way they see the problem and how they want to solve it. As I said earlier, it’s more than a comic book movie!


With current IMDB rating of 7.7/10, it started on a good note. Go watch it in your nearest theatres (or farthest, I don’t care) but do watch it! And also there are two post credit teasers. You’re welcome.


Till next time!!!    


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An IT Engineer working as a Consultant in one of the big four firms, Ernst and Young. Completed his executive MBA in general management from the Indian School of Business (ISB). Gadgets, Superheroes and Automobiles give me that kick which is required to sustain this monotonous corporate life. I am a huge fan of classic movies, geeky TV shows and random surfing of a website that was launched 12 years ago in 2005, Youtube!

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