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The Darzi Bar & Kitchen – Connaught Place

Don’t ever visit! If you need the shortest possible review of this eatery, that’s all I’ve got to say. Darzi Bar and Kitchen is another one of the much hyped theme bars in CP. Lots of noise and an absolute disappointment.

I am going to start with the very few good points (just to save their face). The location is of course, Outer Circle- CP. Very convenient to attract people and also a location with some very heavy weight competition. The ambience of the two storey restaurant with a separate open seating area, is what is shown on Zomato (with a little less oomph). The place has been done up in enough tailor puns and objects to live up to its name. You will see quirky sewing machine lights and measuring tape on the corners of each table. And many such “darzified” décor items. But that sadly it is of no use when the food and service is bad. Scratch that. Very bad.

The place was very dimly lit, I could barely see my food and my friends. We decided to order a Chicken Dumpling soup, Lime Soda, Mojito and a drink called “Gulabo”. Out of which the lime soda and Mojito were your regular drinks you can’t mess up. Gulabo was a chilli guava juice which was surprisingly good, in hindsight it was the only good item we ordered all afternoon. And the Chicken Dumpling Soup was a disaster. It was less soup, more shorba. Way too tangy and sour. No chicken or dumplings in the soup. And not even in the bearable league. Also, it came with two small pieces of bread coated with a green paste which was not pleasing.

Further, we ordered the BBQ Chicken Wings, Arrabiatta Chicken Pasta, Achari Paneer Pizza and Masala peanuts. And hard to imagine but every single item was terrible. Pasta was dry and the chicken was undercooked. The Pizza was more paneer and cheese burst than achari. The Masala peanuts were peanuts. The BBQ Chicken Wings was the only edible item. Too many black peppercorns in each dish and no taste. Darzi Bar and Kitchen can certainly be given a miss.
The service was okay. It took them too long to bring out our food. We did request for a change in soup which they agreed to without a hassle. The manager and chef were apologetic for the bad experience. So, I can’t give them too bad a rating for their service. But no point of that if the food is bad.

Conclusion of this episode, go to Darzi Bar and Kitchen if you aren’t getting seating in any of the good restaurants. Keeping fancy dishes in the menu is of no use if your basic Arrabiatta Pizza isn’t good. My suggestion to the management, darzi or no darzi, cut your coat according to your cloth.

Pictures Courtesy – Zomato


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