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L’Apicio Cafe – Pune

I rely on Zomato ratings most of the time when choosing my next food destination, so when I saw L’Apicio had a rating of 4.5, I decided it was time to visit the cafe.
Not exactly located in the bustling part of Aundh, it took us a little help from Google Maps to locate the cafe. Nevertheless, we made it soon and were surprised to find the place not very crowded on a Saturday evening.

The exterior of the place is very well done, big yellow doors and glass detailing. The lighting makes it stand out and you can easily get a preview of the seating and the kitchen from the road itself. There is a glass partitioning between the eatery and the kitchen, you can very well see how spick and span their workstation is. Anyway, we picked the high rise seats and were very comfortable with the ambience, view, and seating. Its a pretty small cafe with accommodation for just about 16 people at one go. But its doesn’t really feel crammed.
The menu is not very extensive. You will find your basic pastas, salads and sandwiches. With a few add ons, beverages and desserts. We ordered Penne in Oven Dried Tomato Cream and French Fries. The pasta was too good!! I usually don’t like pasta very easily. Its always either too tangy or too sweet or too overloaded with veggies or too dry. But this was almost absolutely perfect(we did miss the customary bread you get with the pasta). The fries were your usual fries, crispy and hot with a standard dip. Presentation was also satisfactory. I liked the stoneware dishes especially.
And how could I forget the price, quite affordable. This place is definitely worth more than one visit. You will like the food, no-nonsense ambience and the passion of its staff.

The good: Food! Price!
The bad: Less seating.
The ugly: Nada.


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