Smoke House Deli was not my choice, but a very well selected birthday lunch destination by my friend. Initially I wasn’t a soup person, but he has gotten me into having soup before all our meals, and I do quite like it. For this particular lunch we selected the High Street Chicken and Noodle Soup, which was heavenly. You could totally taste how flavoursome it was and how the various spices were infused into it. The consistency, quantity, and most importantly the quality of the soup was teriffic.

After the very successful start, we opted for the Peri Peri Rubbed Grilled Chicken. Delicious, good blend of the spices and there was a hint of lime which gave it the required contrast. My only little concern here was that the chicken was a tad dry and chewy. Probably it was overcooked, but not to the extent where I just couldn’t eat it.


Finally we concluded with the Spicy Arrabbiata Grilled Vegetables Pasta, even though I did not have much space in my tummy. The pasta sauce was appropriate and thick. We had requested for extra grilled vegetables, but there were barely any. And hence we had to ask them to toss in a few more, which they happily did. The veggies were well cooked and on the whole the pasta was regular and good, nothing exceptional. I did though, find it slightly too tangy for my taste.

Service wise, the staff was very attentive and cooperative. My friend had requested beforehand playing the birthday song when he booked the table, that did not happen and he was a little sad, but I guess that’s something we can forgive and forget. Location is of course prime, being right in the centre of three malls. The ambience was very relaxed and not trying too hard. Definitely, do visit!


The Good: The High Street Chicken and Noodle Soup

The Bad: Not really bad, but they work on the mains a little more.

The Ugly: –

Pictures- Zomato (My birthday excitement took the better of me and I didn’t click any pictures that day)