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Justice League (Movie Review) – No Spoiler

After BvS (Batman Vs Superman) debacle (well, for some), everyone’s eyes were on Justice League. All the Zack Snyder fans had really high hopes with this one. Let’s find out in this review whether they went home with happy faces or was it another holocaust for them.


Let’s start with the cast, we have Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and our very own Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) as the Aquaman. Due to a certain misfortune (Zack Snyder’s daughter’s death), the movie is partially directed by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon. Unlike DC’s dark tone, this movie has subtle comedy elements throughout to lighten everyone’s mood while the league fights Darkseid’s rowdy CGI friend, Steppenwolf. Although Snyder has never shown much interest in comedy, the plan was clearly to lighten the tone in Justice League and also because it has Whedon’s nose in it.


We are already aware of Man of Steel, Amazonian beauty and the son of Gotham (thanks to their solo movies) but Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg definitely lacked character build up in the movie. I mean you can’t just go and gather a league of meta humans in two days! you just can’t (no matter how rich you are, ouch Batty)! For the newer audience, the connect surely didn’t happen.

DSC_0056 Let’s talk about individual characters now:

Batman: For many Batman died with Christen Bale but I personally think, Ben Affleck is the best Batman (and Bruce Wayne) ever. He has that rich charisma around him, the true essence of Bruce Wayne! You will get to see some cool Bat gadgets as usual along with his well timed subtle comedy.

Superman: Well I said no spoilers!

Wonder Woman: After the costume controversy, I definitely am with the designers of this movie (lol). In case you don’t know, Gal Gadot served two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, where she was a combat trainer. Now you shall know why this beautiful lady is the perfect cast for the Amazonian character.

Aquaman: It take guts to play a stupid-looking merman superhero for someone to take seriously but the tall, tough, solid and brawny Jason Momoa played the character really well. We get to see a bit of background when he is around the Atlantis city. Solo Aquaman movie is on its way in 2018.

Flash: For me Grant Gustin (the TV Flash) will always be the first Flash. Ezra Miller is an excellent actor but somehow he didn’t fit the character. It looked like he is trying too hard to justify the character’s demand. The suit looks absurdly awkward, what were the designer’s thinking? A glossy plasticky bright red suit? I hope to see something better in the next movie, hopefully Mr. Wayne will gift him something awesome on his birthday (why should Spiderman have all the fun)!

Cyborg: Agree or not, significance wise Cyborg is the Falcon in the Justice League, UNTIL NOW! Ray Fisher nailed it. Unlike the Flash or Aquaman, whose powers are more obvious, Cyborg’s true strength continues to expand throughout the movie. Everything is tied together by the power in his suit, but the closer Cyborg gets to the Justice League and their primary target, Steppenwolf, the more he understands just how important that specific technology is. A solo Cyborg movie is all I demand now!

Green Lantern: Do we have a Green Lantern in the movie? Well…to find out, go watch JL!

oh yeahThe movie revolves around the mother boxes (as we can see in the initial trailers). The Mother Boxes are an interesting concept in Justice League, but were first teased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a brief moment when Wayne is studying Cyborg’s case. The Mother Boxes were the quintessential technological tool of the planets of New Genesis and Apokolips, tying their existence back to Darkseid himself. Remember Darkseid? He was the potential future big bad hinted at in Batman v Superman, again, tying everything together. Steppenwolf, who calls himself the new Gods, works for the Darkseid and is set to collect all the three mother boxes that are hidden somewhere on our mother earth. And obviously, the Justice League tries to stop him and his army of Parademons (who feeds on fear). I will not disclose any other plot as promised in the review title.

DSC_0058Honestly, I loved every bit of this movie. It has that Marvel fun element along with some serious story line, although I would have loved to see Darkseid, maybe next time! The post credits teasers have set the path to the next steps, don’t miss it! Waiting for the extended uncut version now!!!

DSC_0072 To lighten up your mood, here are some Marvel Vs DC pictures captured by me using my action figures. Hope you will like it!


Till next time!!!


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