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Rajdhani Thali Restaurant- Connaught Place


I love Thali restaurants. You get so much variety and you don’t have to scan the menu and order two dishes. Once in a while if you visit a Thali restaurant, it’s a really fresh change. I have been to Rajdhani Restaurant quite a few times in Phoenix Mall, Pune and have never come back disappointed. But this particular outlet is a disgrace to the chain. And I mean it when I say its a disgrace. They don’t just lack in the basic food department, but also in the service and ambience department. So I think I should start with the food!

Food: Cold, not at all palatable and absolute disappointment. They did have a lot of items on display, but not one made me say “Wow!”. Forget wow, they weren’t even decent. The food served was cold and the servers made no effort to correct their mistake. But I will get to the service part later. What is the point of having so much variety when not a single dish is worth savouring.

Ambience: The outlet is located in one of the most prime locations of the Capital and not at all doing justice to it. You don’t see a clean restaurant or one which has good lighting. It’s almost dull and depressing. The ground floor is still not that dull, but the first floor will definitely ruin your mood for the meal. The table cloths were not clean and worst of all, their AC was not working. The first floor was burning up and their AC was useless. What sort of a restaurant doesn’t have a functioning AC! And I can totally understand that one of them has an issue and is being fixed, but there was absolutely no cooling on the floor. Please keep your restaurant closed for the day and get you air conditioning fixed before you start inviting customers and giving them such a hard time. They also had some waiting area under the stairs. If you sit there, you will literally feel you are under the stairs of some dirty old house.

Service: Any restaurant can afford giving bad service to it’s customers only and only if the food is super super super amazing. I will go back to a place where I wasn’t treated the way I’d like, only if I know that  I won’t get this food anywhere else. Somehow, Rajdhani Connaught Place people thought their food was exceptional and followed my golden rule. Their waiters, manager, staff, call them what you may, none of them have the basic knowledge in customer relations. We mentioned the food was cold, they very enthusiastically said they will bring fresh hot food. But it was just words, no action. We said the AC isn’t working, and the waiter very nonchalantly says “Yeah I know it’s not working Sir”. And even after repeatedly complaining to the Manager and leaving our food in the middle, they didn’t seem to care. On being asked for the Complaint Book, they said we will bring it, but didn’t. Ultimately they gave us some leaflet to fill out(which was obviously thrown out the moment we left).

I can write lots more about how bad this outlet is, but I think this must be enough.

The good: Nothing.
The bad: Everything
The ugly: My night(Also it was my parent’s anniversary, so we were all even more disappointed.


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