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Game Of Thrones – Season 7


We are a day away from the season finale of Game Of Thrones, Season 7, and the string of fan theories is never ending. From people making guesses based on the name of the last episode, to fans saying Jon Snow’s sword comes to life in the penultimate episode, it’s all getting bizarre. But I am not here to discuss any theory, just to talk about this phenomenal show and how this season has made it’s own pace and character.

David Benioff and D.B.Weiss(creators of the show) don’t waste anytime from the very first shot of the first episode. House Frey is wiped clean in the first three minutes and you know this season, there just isn’t any time to stand and stare. The mystery of finding enough dragonglass is solved by Sam in the first episode, Khaleesi finally crosses the Narrow Sea and Euron Greyjoy proposes marriage to Cersei(Whattt??!!). The theme continues throughout the season, with events happening much too fast for their continuity. Jon Snow makes it to Dragonstone and back in the blink of an eye, Euron is back to King’s Landing with Ellaria Sand in the matter of one episode and one glass of wine for Cersei. It seems as though the makers are in such a hurry to complete so many plot lines that they had to put everyone in fast forward. We are accustomed to a GOT where it takes a complete season for Jaime and Brienne to make it to King’s Landing. And then comes this season where the raven sent by Gendry to Daenerys for help, reaches her right in the knick of time and she makes it beyond the wall to save everyone. The laws of time have been defied and it sure makes logic go out the window quite a few times.


And then there is the puzzle of how everyone has made it to the right place at the right time. We see quite a few reunions. Bran- Sansa, Sansa-Arya, Ser Jorah-Dany, all coming together before the big bad winter engulfs them all. But the Hound, the Brotherhood, Gendry, Jon, Tormund and Ser Davos coming together at at the same coordinates and becoming a team is just too coincidental. This hurried attempt at putting all the pieces in place is too in the face. A lot of information, back story and adventures are left out. I know it is a mammoth task to put in the story of this many characters in one season, and we should appreciate that at least it all makes sense in the logical order if not time, but it leaves some room for doubt.


I can write endlessly about some of my favourite moments from this season, the savage way in which Olenna Tyrell makes her exit being one. But I guess we will let Game Of Thrones surprise us with the next episode and make us gasp at who dies next.


Quite a few questions are left unanswered and like all fans I can’t wait for tomorrow and all these knots to be untied. Until next time, Valar Morghulis.


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