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Barbeque Nation-Sushant Lok, Gurgaon


Pathetic. There isn’t any other word to describe my time at this particular restaurant. I have been to quite a few Bbq Nation (Lucknow and Pune), and they have all been great culinary and dining experience. Whereas this one was a complete disappointment. An example of how your meal can be completely ruined not by the food, but by the service. Hence, I won’t be giving too much emphasis to the food. The food was your usual Bbq Nation style. Even though I like that, I think it is time Barbeque Nation brought some innovation in their dishes and approach. They do have their festivals which bring in some change, but on a regular basis the food is exactly the same as it was 4 years ago.

Coming to the reason why this particular branch of the buffet-king is absolutely the worst. I will list down what exactly went wrong.

1. Early Birds- They expect you to come sharp at 7:30 for early bird offer, but they start setting up the table after 20 minutes. Obviously the expectation is from the guest to be punctual, not from them. Their preparation was nothing even at 8.

2. The restaurant was not at all well maintained. It didn’t have the charm of the other outlets I have been to. It looked as if there was no effort in the upkeep of the place.

3. Finally at 8 as we started getting our food, the table still had no setting whatsoever. There were no dressings or dips, the bowl which had the mint sauce was dirty. It was as if they had not cared to remove the bowl after lunch and it had been lying there.
Nevertheless we received our starters and did not pay much attention to the little things as we thought it was just a little glitch.

4. But no. Our evening was made even better(read:horrible). I went to take soup. No bowls, no breadsticks, no bread, no butter. On asking, a waiter brought one bowl for me. One. He had to run inside and bring another for my sister. Really??!

5. After serving the main course, we moved to the table. No bread plate. No refilled glasses of water. Also the Lal Maas was not even kept at the buffet(just mentioned on the menu). I had to ask the staff, thats when they brought it to our table.

6. We moved to desserts at around 8:30. Plenty of time for the staff to have made all preparations by now. But as expected, no plates or bowls there either. Also, when my father reprimanded, did the staff change the desserts that were kept since lunch and bring out fresh items.

Even though the manager apologised, you could see that other staff were least bothered and chatting amongst themselves instead of attending to the guests. Apologies are valid had this been a new restaurant. This is a well established chain, this is not what is expected. I am definitely not coming here again, and neither suggesting to anyone.

P.S: After going through a few reviews late in the night, I saw that most people faced the same issues. So its a repetitive thing.
Another learning- Always read reviews, even if it is a well-known place.

The good: –
The bad: Everything
The ugly: Service.




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