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The Souled Store Notebooks


My Monday morning was brightened by the arrival of three notebooks from The Souled Store. To be frank these should have been delivered quite a few days ago, but I will get back to the delivery details later in the review.


This is not my first time ordering merchandise from The Souled Store. I had previously ordered an umbrella, and was happy with the quality of the product. So, while browsing their website, I decided to order three notebooks, Scooby Doo Zoinks, Gryffindor Sigil and Friends How you doin’. There was a coupon available for 3 notebooks, where you get a discount of Rs.50 (please check availability now). Thanks to the coupon code, the final cost of my cart was Rs.350. Which I think is practically nothing when buying Official Licensed merchandise. If you compare this to a notebook from some other website like Daily Objects (Rs.299 per notebook, after discount) or India Circus (approx. Rs.250 per notebook), you realise how economical this deal is.



Having covered the price aspect, let’s move to the design and quality. The notebooks are done up in laminated soft cover. The print on the cover is sharp and neat, with bright colours. The pages of the notebook are 80 GSM. GSM basically means, Grams per Square Metre, which is a thickness and weight measure of the paper. Not very relevant to us when buying a usual notebook, because most papers which we print or use in notebooks are 80 GSM. Also, it is a 50 pages book (one side ruled and one side blank), so ideal for carrying around in your bag to take notes.


The Souled Store claims to deliver the items within 7-8 working days. But they don’t. And that is the major point of concern here. I ordered on 15th July, and received my order on 31st July, roughly 15 days later. Apparently a delivery attempt was made but my address was incomplete (it wasn’t though), but I didn’t receive any call from the delivery executive or the customer care to provide the details. Instead I had to make the call to the Customer Care helpline and inquire. So in terms of delivery, The Souled Store needs a lot of improvement. Other than that, the quality, variety, website experience and pricing are all up to mark.



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