The experience of reading an actual book cannot be substituted by anything else. I still remember how eagerly I would await the library period every week in school. Roaming around in the library, picking old books which held a million stories, reading and re-reading before we had to return them. I love the smell, feel and immersive experience of a paperback. So you can imagine my scepticism when people said Amazon Kindle is worth the hype. I avoided buying a Kindle for as long as I could. I kept buying paperbacks and lugging them around with me. And finally I succumbed to the demand and ordered the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Before I get to the experience, I will list the basic specifications.

Size: 6 inches

Connectivity: Wifi, Wifi + 3G

Resolution: 300ppi

Light: Built-in adjustable light


My viewpoint has changed. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best gadget a book lover can ask for. The reading experience is as close as it can be to an actual novel. You will obviously feel the change, no flipping pages, no smell attached to the book, but it’s a transition we have to make as technology progresses. The touch screen is smooth and very easy to use. No hassles, no repetitive tapping required on the screen. The display is crisp and very easy on the eyes. You don’t feel any strain when reading in dark places. Also if you use the e-book reader in sunlight there is no glare, so I have been using my Kindle while commuting. The reader holds thousands of books, no memory issues there. You can easily transfer your downloaded e-books (check format compatibility). You can also download from the Kindle store. 


The body is matte, soft-touch plastic with plenty of grip. My only concern is that you get fingerprint marks all over the back so a flip cover is a good option to protect your kindle. Lightweight, no need to charge for weeks, no memory issues, responsive touch screen, Kindle Paperwhite has a lot to offer.  The only reason I can think of, to not buy this piece of gadget is, if you are absolutely hell-bent on not switching to an e-book reader and continuing the old school way.


In India the Kindle Paperwhite (Wifi only) is available for Rs.10999 and in US for $140(approx.). If you go for the Wifi + 3G version then you will have to shell out Rs.13999 or $190. Please check Amazon for the latest prices based on your location.


Final Verdict: Definitely to-buy! Your travel becomes easier and you will definitely not regret buying it.