Before I get to the details of my Armani Messenger Bag, I would like to give a brief overview of the various Armani apparel lines created by the brand. All the separate labels cater to different price points. 

Armani Prive– The haute couture line

Giorgio Armani– The designer Ready-To-Wear line

Emporio Armani– A little lower priced than the Giorgio Armani line and targeted at the younger customers. 

There are more like, Armani Exchange and Armani Jeans which are much more budget friendly. 

Armani Jeans

I bought this bag from Scotts, Manchester (United Kingdom, not by the sea) and consider it quite a steal priced (literally, I mean literally!) at ‘just’ 115 pounds

The Store

The bag is made of PVC and has leather finishing at the bottom where the logo sits. Grey and black have been used to create an aesthetically pleasing look. You can see the detailing and finishing in the blend of the leather and plastic components. The logo patterned PVC adds the exact touch of brand value to the cross body bag. The straps are adjustable and comfortable. 

The Strap

On my recent vacation I carried this all the time and it was absolutely hassle free. 

The Bag – Part 1

You don’t feel the weight as the bag is not very heavy in itself and can accommodate quite a lot of your junk. That I think is the best part about this product. Looks tiny, but it holds everything you need.

The Bag – Part 2

Stylish, sharp and the accessory that adds the zing to your look.

Till next time!!!