To be very honest, I wanted to write a review of Homeland-Season 4, in particular. I just finished watching it a week ago and boy have they done a good job again. I mean of course there are glitches and plots I wish were covered better, but its easier said than done.


Moving on with no spoilers, Homeland is one of those shows that tries to peel the layer of how Intelligence agencies work and how everything isn’t black or white. Unraveling the threads of terrorism and stumbling upon unexpected twists, Homeland makes you realise how much is actually going on and how we are completely clueless about it.

I started watching this show on Star World way back in 2014. I was hooked and have been a devoted fan since then. There have been seasons and storylines that I didn’t like and had no interest in following, but nevertheless Carrie Mathison draws you like moth to a flame. So who is Carrie Mathison? She is the protagonist of the show and the woman who is as lovable as she is despicable at times. (Btw I could write a whole character sketch of her, but will leave it for you to discover). You see her as a dedicated CIA(Central Intelligence Agency) officer who is unconvinced that the Marine Sergeant rescued from al-Qaeda after 8 years of captivity is a war-hero. Her sources inform her that an American prisoner of war has been turned. Is Nicholas Brody that prisoner of war? Or is he a loyal American citizen caught between Carrie’s suspicions and CIA’s glorification.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.13.13 AM

I wouldn’t want to give out too many details, but the show explores Brody’s family, the various intertwined relations within CIA and covert missions that the agency has ongoing. As the seasons progress we move on to different plots altogether, some of which are more interesting than the original.

The characters I love, Saul Berenson, Carrie’s mentor and a highly smart agent. You know what he does and says matters the most. Peter Quinn, who comes in much later, is one of those few people who can understand Carrie and bring her back to the ground(also my favorite!). A lot of other supporting characters come and go as they leave their imprint on the show and our minds.

Saul Berenson, Fara Sherazi, Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn(L-R)

Currently Homeland has completed its sixth season and been renewed for a seventh season. I cant wait to watch and see how the story unfolds.

Watch it if you like drama about how terrorism is countered by the American intelligence officers and for the sheer talent of the cast.

USP: Carrie Mathison, without a doubt.

Go/No-Go: Definitely, Go!!

Random Fact: It is one of Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows.