Movies based on DC (Detective Comics) and Marvel characters have become real popular and have taken the comic book industry to a whole new level. Be it Batman or Antman or Deadpool, their movies have shaped these characters so strong that just like a nicotine-addicted-brain, we humans wait for the sequels to come every year!!


Today, I will review few superhero key chains that I have collected over the past few years. If you are a superheroes accessories collector (I didn’t have a better word), this review might help you with your next buy of a key chain.

Batman classic logo key chain: I bought this key chain from for 250 bucks, I think it had a discount (so-called) of 50 Rupees. The quality is amazing, feels of metal and the 3-D logo gives it an edge. It’s not so heavy as well.

I am Batman!

Deadpool: I bought this from for 250 bucks (including shipping charges). It’s super light, made of metal and the finishing is perfect, afterall with great power comes great irresponsibility!!

With great power comes great irresponsibility!

C3PO: Any Star Wars fan in the house? I bought this key chain from for 300 bucks and it’s the size of Chewbacca!! Huge, impractical, heavy and useless. The quality is no doubt amazing but in this case I became victim of false marketing. No where on the website they mentioned the size and the pictures also didn’t reveal the true size of it. Nevertheless, a lesson learnt!

IMG_20170423_115714Invincible Iron Man: The best key chain I own. Bought from the F C market in Pune, Maharashtra, it only cost me 100 bucks (after bargaining)! The finishing of this product is of superior quality, made of metal and not so heavy in your pocket (pun) either. After I bought this I swear to myself never to buy a key chain online (unless it’s something rare and priced reasonable).

As usual, my fav Macro shot

I hope the different experiences that I shared would help you while you are browsing through one of the e-commerce websites looking for your favourite superhero to protect your key(s).

The mighty Dark Knight.

Till next time!!!