The Palace of Illusions – Novel

Not everybody has an interest in the Hindu mythology. In fact, most of our generation and the ones following, do not care to know about the various epics that formed the basis of our culture, learning and rituals. I know in these times of cynical practicality we do not have the time nor the interest... Continue Reading →

Game Night – Movie Review

I like Rachel McAdams, she can pull off intense movies like Spotlight and Notebook and at the same time give such a  refreshing performance in an all-out comedy flick. And Jason Bateman with his straight faced humour in "Arrested Development" has always been one of my favorites when it comes to comedy movies. Game Night... Continue Reading →

Bleu de Chanel Perfume (EDT) – Review

Reviewing a perfume is as difficult as expressing a speaker's sound quality, you just don't have enough dimensions to convey your feelings. Let me give it a try! Bleu de Chanel is a classy and contemporary fragrance from Chanel which was launched in 2010. I have a 50ml (1.7 FL.OZ) EDT bottle, it is also... Continue Reading →

This Is Us – TV Show

Ever since I have seen this show, I have been a big ball of mush. I am usually not into family dramas. I prefer thrillers or comedies, but I am not very keen on watching a family drama with people trying to handle their baggage. So, starting This Is Us on Amazon Prime was more... Continue Reading →

Trapped – Movie

In Cast Away, when Tom Hanks makes a Wilson volleyball his companion, you understand the need and desperation of this man who has been deserted on an island and hasn't seen a soul since forever. And then you see Rajkummar Rao do the same thing with a rat, even when he is in the heart... Continue Reading →

Best Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

While I was on the hunt for the perfect portable speaker, I came across several masterpieces like JBL Xtreme, Croma Classic BL5605, Marshal Kilburn, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4, Bose SoundTouch 20 and HK Aura Studio 2. But I wanted the speakers that can run both on AC power as well as have some battery reserve... Continue Reading →

Young Sheldon – TV Show

You don't need to watch The Big Bang Theory to enjoy Young Sheldon. But it doesn't hurt to have seen the long time running show about four exceptionally intelligent scientists leading their anti-social life in their own quirky way. And one of the most popular, eccentric and sometimes irritating character is theoretical physicist Dr. Sheldon... Continue Reading →

The Electricianz Watches

Another watch line from the swiss brand Red Army Watches - The Electricianz - available only on Ethos watches in India for a price tag of Rupees 24,999 (~315 USD). Laurent Rufenacht, CEO and Founder, envisioned this watch and converted the concept to reality. If you are enticed by the bold design of Seven Friday watches,... Continue Reading →

Best Indian Short Films on YouTube

We are all indeed hooked to YouTube these days. And YouTube is no longer just about the music videos or the tutorials, it's also home to a large number of short films. A great platform for big time movie production houses and for amateur movie makers. Sometimes watching a 15 minutes clip can have a... Continue Reading →

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